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Fixed Fees for New Filings
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Fixed Fees For New U.S. Patent and Trademark Applications

The Solution to Junk Fees

Do you hate junk fees - a fee for every piece of correspondence from the USPTO? So do we and we have done something about it. Instead of the traditional ala carte pricing offerred by most firms, we have bundled many popular services with our filing fee. Our fixed fee for a new application includes the filing of prepared Information Disclsoure Statements and Preliminary Amendments, as well as the forwarding of all electronic USPTO correspondence for the life of the application. Besides saving money at filing, our clients avoid junk fees during the life of their applications.

Why Fixed Fees - Our Philosophy

We reject the premise that the best way to arrive at prices for our services is to use a time-based billing model (time x hourly rate = price). Billing by the hour tends to emphasize time spent, not the value provided. Further, this misplaced emphasis discourages innovation, efficiency, and communication. We prefer instead to base our prices on the value that we provide our clients. For this reason, we use fixed fees whenever possible. One area of our practice that lends itself to fixed fee pricing is the filing of new applications in the USPTO.

As a result of our streamlined, clear pricing, our clients enjoy budget predictability and a more transparent attorney-client relationship.

Fixed Fee Pricing Does Not Apply To All Services

As much as we prefer fixed fees, they have some practial limitations. For example, highly specialized and fact intensive services such as infringement, validity, and infringement studies do not permit fixed fee estimates. Also, patent drafting and prosecution, because every application is as unique as the invention on which it is based, does not lend itself to fixed fee pricing. After all, by definition, every patent application describes new and unique invention. We are, however, willing to provide a price estimate to prepare and file an application at the beginning of the process.

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